Ahhh. So you clicked it. You moved the pointer, rolled the mousy, tapped the trackpad, touched the screen, saw you smudged the screen, wiped the screen, clicked the mouse the right way, yelled in fury as you submitted the world wide web to your clickery! And then here you are. Were. Still are. Or perhaps you looked away. Or were searching for the words “Iceberg Cream Sandwich” and were lead here by a Google link (because, after all, I have just put the words “Iceberg Cream Sandwich” onto this page. Twice.) At any rate, you are now viewing a page in which I, blogger poser, am to introduce myself to you, blog reader maybe turned cream sandwicher. Who is he?! I hear you asking everyone. Well, he is obviously not you, which is a bigger start than you might realize. Chances are he is not the fellow who fixed your sink last week, not the person you’d call if you needed a favor in the White House, the big house, a penthouse- heck, I have only a limited amount of favors in my house for goodness sake (and they’re mine, thank you very much). I enjoy movies most others don’t, and movies most others do. My favorites, however, I reserve for the ones most others simply do not care about. Music fluctuates invariably between my passion and my life, depending on the time I have, and I’m usually willing to listen to or play anything as long as it’s enjoyable. I love history enough to major in it, and I love you. I mean…well….moving on, I like talks that are completely made up of funny statements followed by rolling about on whatever surface you find yourself and laughing. And lastly,


April 2018
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