Do Not Ask…

A friend of mine recently told me about the struggles he was having working through the layers of adding a chemistry class at Lee. At every step he was told something different- in fact, after receiving the signature of the professor who was allowing him to finally take the class, my friend then arrived at the business office only to find that the very same professor had emailed ahead saying he was banned from the class- an email sent while he was walking. The funny thing, he said, was not so much in the treatment he received, though. (That he didn’t find funny at all) It was the way that he was sent off from each office (and here’s where he stood to show me exactly what it was that would happen to him. =)

“Before you go Timothy- would you like me to pray with you?”

The first few times, Tim told me, he said yes. Sure. Pray with me. Let’s believe God together. But then he started to think about it. Pray with me? What exactly are we praying for? I sit with the Records Administrator- let’s pray that the Records Admin. will approve my class. I sit with the Professor- let’s pray he will sign my “Add” slip in spite of the fact that his track record shows he hates to grade more papers in a semester. And then my friend said something rather interesting to me- something I’d like you to read with as much conviction as you can, something I wish to all the world he had said to the people he had come across that day.

“Do not ask God to give me what is there in your hand.”

And to be perfectly honest, that threw my brain for all kinds of loops. If the answer to a prayer is in our hand- how often do we find ourselves praying anyways? Does God hear the prayers of the rich man who has Lazarus crying outside his gates? Whose answer are we not being? Whose need do we pawn off on God, asking Him to take care of “His own.” If we are the arms of Christ in this world, why is it that we put them together more often than hold them out?

Be an answer.

Fix the world.


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